Cherry Blossoms, Peeps and One Very Large Apple

Clearly I need to get the hang of this blogging thing. You cannot just abandon your site for almost four months. I vow to not let this thing sit like moldy cheese in my fridge untouched. I’m evolving every single day.

It’s been a fun few months! I’ve traveled to several cool cities, mostly for work, among them, the Big Apple (for my birthday), Washington D.C. and Nashville. At some point winter turned into spring(ish) and now it’s almost summer here in Chicago! I was excited to write some profile articles that are housed on the Big Ten Network’s website; for direct links to the pieces, see my Work page. I love writing profiles because it’s a meaningful way to both honor another’s achievements and find inspiration for your own life. It allows me to examine the best pieces of another person’s life and figure out the common thread and, once that unique color palette is identified, paint my interpretation of the person.

Things are as busy as ever at the office, as our second-largest tradeshow of the year is upon us and I’m jetting off to Anaheim, Calif., tomorrow! Very excited to be traveling again. I’m sure there will be pictures.

Speaking of which, to make up for my severe MIA-ness, here are some photo highlights from the past few months:


Journo’s dream dress. NYC.

IMG_1279 (1)

About town. NYC.


Hangin’ with my Peeps. NYC.


Everything is cherry blossoms, and that includes me. DC.




A peaceful twilight. Lake Michigan.



IMG_1426 IMG_1303 IMG_1307 IMG_1462 IMG_1289 IMG_1490 IMG_2181


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