Tutorial Time!

Every once in a while I will play guru and post a beauty or lifestyle tip. I’ve decided to start with this simple wavy hairstyle trick. For anyone with limited time in the morning, this one is a fun lifesaver. For these beachy, crimpy waves, you will need at least a little natural body in your hair, but then again, I’m sure super sleek ‘n straight-haired ladies can still accomplish it with a little innovation.

  1. Start by washing your hair the night before and letting it air dry about 75%. It’s important that your hair is just the right amount of damp, otherwise it might still be wet the following morning–or, if it’s totally dry, you might not get as much definition out of the style.
  2. Divide your hair into two pigtail braids–you can do more if you desire smaller waves in your end result. Braid the hair somewhat tightly.
  3. Go to sleep. Wake up, undo the braids and gently comb/arrange your hair, part as needed. I like to add additional curls with my handy spiral curling iron, but that’s optional. Spritz with hairspray and voila! It’s a style that, in my opinion, works well for both work and play. And it always looks like it took more effort than it did.

IMG_1272 (1) IMG_5220


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